Another piece to this puzzle I distress,

of a map to this maze I digress.

The council I come across, I seldom borrow. 

In a deeper pit I drown my tomorrow,

A wordless cut which leads to no gold.

A defenseless tower with no help, just bold.

Back in the maze, with no choice but down.

A new treasure sits waiting to be found.


Turned up, my head illuminates.

Knocking at the door it creates.

Free from this I do implore,

another creature at my door.

Clawing, screaming for his turn.

I have no key, for me to learn.

Sights of these, the mirror lies.

Another knocks with his disguise.

A new hole opened, the world to see.

The door wide open, in sanity.

Another nothing

You’re the one brick that completes this house,

but you’re not a brick at all.

You’re the one person who completes it all,

but you’re not a person at all.

You’re the flower that grows inside my mind,

but you’re not a flower.

You’re nothing, but you’re a part of me.

You don’t co-exist, but you are me.

But everything I have relies on you, and you on me.

Whisper to myself, and you back at me.


I’m calling out, to a name I used to know.

With a baby bird who lays lifeless in my hand.

The broken shell, pieces lay where we flourished.

An unfamiliar rain, burns much deeper than I feel.

I’m enamored for a map back, far behind.

Behind the time an egg even had a chance to exist.

But I feel no rain, my eyes see clearly.

The not so Holy Ghost fills up inside of me.

And I solely flourish with a new ability to think.

Nothingness, a gift from the devil herself.


Puzzles, locked behind a mask of pieces.

Prayers, muted by this glass cage.

A reflection of something that isn’t me.

Piece by piece I break it down, pieces seldom fall.

Broken, but a new name for an old ideal.

This un-realization, sweet, shallow, empty.

Too Easy

I’m tripping over myself, no five to help me up.

Too easily i’m causing treason, making the knot tighter.

I’m reading the ground trying to find a lasting string.

The angel’s feather seldom fell, but into my hand.

A divine map led by a demon himself to inside.

It pumped so hard, but the four were so broken.

I still sit and feel the world rotate around me.

Just another movie left to be replayed.


Kettle steaming from the maze,whistling out louder water.

Poured inside, scarring speech.

Sit without a flame beneath me.

The air now, all silence.

But whispers of storm turned to sorrow.

Light and Dark

I spend my light searching for stars,
       My dark shivering, but I’m not cold.
I asked for a life not ground to chars,
       To find and end to the dependent way of old.

From Tree to the Ground

Solely is that leaf which fell from their tree.
It shook to try and get back up, but he can’t.
He misses the other leaves, the ones who didn’t fall.
The wind is dragging him further away from four.
This world is unfamiliar to him, this sun is much brighter.
The wind deepened him, high stop a mountain.
It’s getting colder for that leaf, dryer, more fragile.
He is starting to crumble, his nectar is being taken.
But a new fluid fills him, and he erects to a new tree.
He wants to recount with his old leafs, but he can’t.
He’ll never awake now, his other leafs will never know.
Solely is that lead which fell from their tree.

The Shadow of Her Name

Everywhere I fall I see that brace,
         the shadow of her name.
Every time I break from sweat,
         the shadow of her name.
The Hand Toucher read those two,
         the shadow of her name.
The leaves change color in that shape,
         the shadow of her name.
The way the river’s currents change,
         the shadow of her name.
Forever blocked from the sun,
         in the shadow of her name.